Welcome to Shades Cottage - Your Home in Jamaica!

Shades Cottage is one of the first guesthouses built in Belmont and managed by Newton Johnson, locally known as Bigga. The guesthouse is surrounded by a lovely yard, and you will love its cool, clean and quiet atmosphere.

Located only a sixty yards from the beautiful seaside, an ideal place for your Jamaica-experience; rest, beauty, comfort, and a chance to meet with the local villagers.    

Our guesthouse is dedicated to the comfort of our guests. You can place your orders with us at any time and we will prepare, or fetch you any type of meal that you wish...

Our place is surrounded by beautiful tropical fruit-trees like coconut, banana, cherry, almond, mango,etc.  Enjoy this authentic Jamaican

Our yard, with the main-house in the background. In front of it, you see the gazebo / bar, and our granddaughter Anna...The yard has a beautiful lawn, and an abundance of tropical fruit-trees and flowers...
The Beach