Rooms, Cottages and Prices

Nice, comfortable sized rooms for an affordable price!

Shades Cottage offers a wide variety in room-possibillities; from a room for one night, to a two-room cottage for yourselve, for a longer period of time...     
Shades Cottage room-prices range from U.S.$25.00 to U.S.$30.00 p. night.

Arrangements-, including tours to different locations are possible; prices vary with tourlocations...Contact us for special offers!

The Cottage has a big bar, where you can sit down and relax, while having a refreshing drink and/or have your meal served/prepared. A great spot to cool-out, and have a nice time with your friends. Real reggae-music is one of the options offcourse!

Breakfast and Dinner is Available
The Mainhouse Veranda